All for the dogs: Angel’s Pet World and Coco’s Heart Rescue together

After a recent move, Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue is now just right across the street from its partner Angel’s Pet World, which is just the way the two like it. “We just walk right over,” said JoHanna Jensen, Coco’s Program Coordinator.

The two have been close long before the move. Their relationship started in 2010, when Ashley Kurtz first launched Coco’s. Angel’s had recently stopped selling puppies at the store, and was looking to support a rescue organization instead. Owner Angel Duratti said many rescue organizations were hesitant to work with her, as puppy sales went against what they believed. Kurtz gave them a chance.

“That’s why I am so loyal to Coco’s Heart because she was the first one,” Duratti said.

Duratti said the two organizations have a mutual respect that continues to foster the relationship.

“When Coco’s was just starting, really it was me just starting out too,” she said.

By partnering with Coco’s, Angel’s and its staff have learned about the ins and outs of rescue.

“It is quite the process and it takes a lot of people, a lot of dedicated work,” Duratti said.

The pet store wants to support all the work that Coco’s does, and this partnership is the best way to do that.

“It’s our way that we can give back and help Coco’s Heart for everything they do,” Duratti said.

To support the rescue, Angel’s hosts adoptable dog showcases twice a week, provides space for transports, provides grooming, sells Coco’s merchandise and more.

“We’ve invaded the store with our volunteers and our dogs,” Jensen said.

Duratti also uses her connections with manufacturers to help Coco’s get the supplies it needs.

“Where they need to spend money on is the dogs,” Duratti said.

On the other side, Coco’s encourages their fosters, adopters and volunteers to shop at Angel’s.

“In return it really gets people into my doors too,” Duratti said.

Jensen said it’s a good fit because Angel’s has flexible hours and everything fosters or adopters would need for their dogs.

“We try to help them with the amount of help they do for us,” Jensen said.

Coco’s uses Angel’s daily, she said, and the rescue’s fosters are advocates for it.

“We would honestly be lost without them,” Jensen said.

“And I feel the same way,” Duratti added.

The main reason for the partnership comes down to one thing – the dogs.

“It really is all about the dogs,” Duratti said.

“It’s just clear what our goal is, which is the dogs,” Jensen said. “We have the same goal.”

The two both have relationships with other businesses and organizations such as groomers, vets and more, and their connection with each other has developed new ones as well.

“What started with Angel’s and Coco’s has now branched out,” Duratti said. “Everybody works together.”

Still the relationship between Coco’s and Angel’s is unique for both of them.

“It’s just become a friendship, a family in a lot of really good ways,” Jensen said.

Duratti said it’s something that she couldn’t have with more than one organization. Though she supports other rescues, she can do more by partnering specially with one than if she tried to do as much for all of them.

“One store can’t do it all,” Duratti said. “I wouldn’t be able to do for Coco’s Heart if I do it for everybody.”

Both Jensen and Duratti said they’d encourage other organizations to form similar relationships.

“Every rescue would benefit from a strong relationship like that,” Jensen said.

Doing so would help organizations get their name out there, Duratti said, but the efforts require a lot of passion.

“There’s no way we would have this relationship if we both weren’t committed this way,” Duratti said.

“It’s a give and pull for everybody,” Jensen said.

And it’s one that works for Angel’s and Coco’s.

“It comes from the heart,” Duratti said.

The two organizations are located on Second Street in Hudson, with Angel’s at 105 and Coco’s at 126.


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