We need your help! Adopt Buchanan or Tasha

We need your help!  Adopt Buchanan or Tasha

We have the privilege of working with Dunn County Humane Society and just met two wonderful dogs named Buchanan and Tasha.   These dogs are not only loving but they have been looking for their forever home for sometime now.  Due to restrictions on family placement, it has been hard to place these beautiful and friendly dogs into the right family.

So that is where you come in!  We need your help to find Buchanan and Tasha a home!  Can you help share the love with your friends and family in hope that we can find just the right fit for these two wonderful dogs.  We really do appreciate all the help we can get and thank you in advance!

Below are some more details on Buchanan and Tasha, please contact Dunn County Humane Society if you have any other questions. 

Dunn County Humane Society

302 Brickyard Road

Menomonie, WI 54751

Telephone # 715-232-9790


Learn more details about Buchanan and Tasha in these PDF documents

Click to view Buchanan

Click to view Tasha


Meet Buchanan


Click to view Buchanan

Neutered Male

American Pit Bull Terrier mix

Approx. 4 years old

Approx. 63lbs

Arrived as a stray 09-26-14


Bio: Big, bodacious Buchanan here… I am a lovable lug with an adorable mug! I arrived at DCHS as a stray in late September 2014 and am estimated to be a 4 year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. They say I’m “enthusiastic” and overflowing with energy… but I just love life so much it is hard for me to contain my excitement! I love to exercise, whether it is walking, jogging, playing, jazzercise, zumba, I’m really not too picky! I would love a home with adults, I’m a bit ‘too much’ for other pets or small children, but older kids like teenagers would for sure be my best friends! As long as my new home has a cozy couch and plenty of durable toys… I’ll be a happy camper!

  • Buchanan may do ok with a large dog eventually, but is too prey driven to safely be around other animals at this time.
  • He needs a positive, active owner who is knowledgeable about ‘pit bull’ breeds.
  • Buchanan would benefit from professional training classes with his new owner
  • Please check with your homeowners insurance to make sure it covers his breed!



Meet Tasha


Click to view Tasha

Spayed Female

American Bulldog mix

Approx. 9 years old
Approx. 78lbs

Arrived as a stray 05-04-15


Bio: I need a coffee break… stat!! Well, I don’t actually ‘drink’ coffee… but I can easily picture myself lying at the feet of someone relaxing on a sofa enjoying a hot cup of coffee and reading the morning paper.  I really appreciate mature adult humans, and truly enjoy being around folks with laid-back personalities. My name is Tasha and I arrived as a stray in early May 2015. I am estimated to be a 9 year old American Bulldog mix. I’m a sweet ol’ gal with lots of spunk and I like to impress people by showing off how I can “sit”, “lie down”, and “shake” with BOTH paws! I am searching for a home with adults who can physically handle my big XL frame, and a home in the country away from other pesky pets. Please understand I am basically royalty and shouldn’t have to share all the attention with any other pets!



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