Angel's Groom Room

Located at Angel's Pet World in Hudson, WI





We have special shampoos for skin irritations and allergies: Oatmeal and Hypoallergenic
We will groom well behaved cats.


Your pet will be here a maximum of 3 hours, early morning drop-off and after work pick-up is also available. We are more than happy to feed and take your pet out to go potty. Prices depend on coat type and type of haircut.
A full groom includes haircut, bath, ear hair removal and cleaning, anal glands, nail clipping and coat conditioning. All dogs are hand dried with a blow dryer and if extra drying is needed for pets that are a little shy, we have a cool air kennel dryer. For more information and price quotes please give us a call or stop by.


Nail Trims:
Small Dogs (30# under)  $12.00
Large Dogs  $15.00
Regular Nail Trims. Dremel is an extra charge.
$5.00 Whitening/Brightening Shampoo
$10.00 Teeth Brushing with out Groom
$5.00 Teeth Brushing with Full Groom
$10.00 Anal Glands without Full Groom, otherwise is included in Full Groom
$5.00 ear cleaning with out Full Groom otherwise included with Full Groom.
$10.00 to $20.00 Flea and Tick Removal and Shampoo, depending on size of dog
$5.00 Extra Medicated Shampoo on Full Groom
$5.00 late fee after 10 minutes unless discussed prior with Groomer
Reschedule after 15 minutes behind your scheduled appointment
If your dog or cat has a prescription shampoo to please bring it to your appointment.



Meet Jennifer

My name is Jennifer and I live in Roberts, Wi with my husband Dennis, our blended family of 7 children, and our three dogs: Rocket Girl, a yorkie maltese mix, Jet, a shih tzu maltese mix, and Bella, a cocker spaniel. I have been grooming since 1993 and I am familiar with all dog breeds and all types of haircuts. I also groom well behaved cats. My goal is to provide a top quality grooming service for my customers and their owners and also to make their visit a positive experience.
Jennifer's Hours
Tuesday -Saturday

Meet Laura

My name is Laura and I have been grooming for 30+ years. I love all types of animals and I am currently living in Somerset, WI with my husband. I have been married for 31 years living with my 2 Westies, Lab Mix, Malti-poo, and 2 cats.
I like to meet clients and hear their stories that they tell about their pets.
My main goal as a groomer is to send clients home with a clean and adorable pet.

Meet Heather

My name is Heather Chantry. I have a life long love for all animals. Enjoy spending time with my dogs Gizmo and Shmoo hiking and playing frisbee golf. I have been grooming for 13 years and familiar with all breeds. My main goal is to send home my customers with top quality groom and also have my customers and their owners have positive experience.

Meet Rosie

I’ve been grooming since 2017, I groom because I love dogs and meeting people local to me! In my spare time I like to go to knokes for ice cream and go for walks along the river.

Meet Mackenzee

My name is Mackenzee and I live in Hager City, WI. I have one dog, Denali, a shepherd mix, and three cats. When I’m not grooming you can find me fishing, four-wheeling, snowmobiling and doing anything outdoors. I’ve grown up with a love for all animals. I’ve been grooming for about a year and am familiar with all kinds of breeds and haircuts. My goal is to make grooming for your fur baby and clients a positive experience and have your dog coming home looking fresh.