Angel's Grooming Room

Located at Angel's Pet World in Hudson, WI



We have special shampoos for skin irritations and allergies:
Tar and Sulfar, Oatmeal, and Hypoallergenic
We will groom well behaved cats.
Your pet will be here a maximum of 3 hours, early morning drop-off and after work pick-up is also available. We are more than happy to feed and take your pet out to go potty. Prices depend on coat type and type of haircut. A full groom includes haircut, bath, ear hair plucking and cleaning, anal glands, nail clipping and coat conditioning. All dogs are hand dried with a blow dryer and if extra drying is needed for pets that are a little shy, we have a cool air kennel dryer. For more information and price quotes please give us a call or stop by.


Nail Trims: 
Small Dogs (30# under)  $12.00
Large Dogs  $ 15.00
This includes Dremel or Regular Nail Trim
Anal Gland: $10
Ears: $5
Teeth brushing: $10
Add Teeth brushing with a Groom: $5



Meet Jennifer

My name is Jennifer and I live in Roberts, Wi with my husband Dennis, our blended family of 7 children, and our three dogs: Rocket Girl, a yorkie maltese mix, Jet, a shih tzu maltese mix, and Bella, a cocker spaniel. I have been grooming since 1993 and I am familiar with all dog breeds and all types of haircuts. I also groom well behaved cats. My goal is to provide a top quality grooming service for my customers and their owners and also to make their visit a positive experience.
Jennifer's Hours
Tuesday -Saturday

Meet Hailey


My name is Hailey Doerr and I live in Woodbury Minnesota. I have two dogs: Cooper and Jager, both Pomeranian mixes. I started grooming in 2011.  I enjoy grooming all dogs and I also clip well-behaved cat's nails. My goal as a groomer is to treat every pet with the same care and compassion as my own. I am also a veterinary technician and enjoy using my knowledge of animals and grooming to make each grooming experience the best it can be for you and your dog.

Meet Laura

My name is Laura and I have been grooming for 30+ years. I love all types of animals and I am currently living in Somerset, WI with my husband. I have been married for 31 years living with my 2 Westies, Lab Mix, Malti-poo, and 2 cats.
I like to meet clients and hear their stories that they tell about their pets.
My main goal as a groomer is to send clients home with a clean and adorable pet.

Meet Danae

I started learning to groom dogs from my mom when I was very young, eventually going on to work with her as my first real job in 2006. I got my dog, a schnauzer named Jax, in 2007 and he has been my constant companion ever since. I have six cockatiels and a handful of reptile, fish, and amphibian pets as well. Animals have been a passion of mine ever since I can remember and I love being able to work with them each and every day. Every dog is a good boy (or girl!) and I'm excited to meet them all!

Meet Rosy

I have been grooming since May 2016, my dog Rugar helped me make the decision to groom. I have a snake named Lydia and my favorite thing to do is go to state parks with my dog.