Sojo’s Salmon

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Sojo's Salmon Dog Mix at Angel's Pet World

1 lb.

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1 pound bags of food make 5 pounds of food

2 pound bags of food makes 10 pounds of food

8 pound bags of food makes 40 pounds of food

Sojo’s Salmon Dog Mix at Angel’s Pet World

1 lb. 

Sojo’s Salmon

Salmon is packed with quality protein, Omega 3s, and essential amino acids—all keys to whole body health and vitality. Add a special blend of human-grade veggies and fruit to balance the nutrient-dense proteins—stir in classic Sojos ease of preparation—and Wild takes lean and healthy to exciting new places. 1 pound rehydrates to 5 lbs. of fresh, raw food.

Sojos Wild® is made field-fresh in Minnesota with no grains or glutens, no genetically engineered ingredients, no added sugar or salt—nothing but natural goodness. Just add water, soak, and serve a forager’s banquet of raw meat, veggies and fruit.

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